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SPS Limelight Agency
the management team at SPS's Limelight Agency brings to it something never seen before in the art distribution industry; each key player has extensive experience on the retail gallery sales floor.

Having all started as art sales consultants and then having held positions in various galleries ranging from book-keeper and art handler up to being the head of the largest and most successful retail art gallery chain in the country, the Limelight Agency management group is in a unique position to know what each gallery owner and, moreover, each salesperson and art collector is dealing with when presenting a piece of artwork as well as when helping to build a collection.

It is with this experience that each decision is made at the Limelight Agency; from which artists to represent, which pieces to release, pricing, granting of exclusives, show schedules, etc.

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  Daniel Crosby  
  Danny Stern  
  Juli Rice  
  Scott Lukacs  
Limelight Agency represents the art of: