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Opie Otterstad paints The Red Sox Boston Championship
Opie Paints The Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Victory
  Janis Joplin by Graces Slick
Opie goes on CBS Chicago to show his White Sox World Series celebration painting
  Grace Slick On CNN
Fox Sports Chicgo covers Opie Ottersad on the White Sox Field Showing painting
  Grace Slick on Plum TV
Opie on CN8 Boston showing Red Sox Victory painting
Grace Slick on CBS Los Angeles
Ottersad goes on NECN Good Morning
  Grace Slick on KUSA
Fox Boston covers Opie Otterstad as Baseballs artist
  Grace Slick at art expo NY
A feature profile on Opie Ottersad Sports artsit by NECN Boston
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Opie's Red Sox
CBS Chicago
Fox Chicago
CN8 Boston
NECN Good Morning
Fox 25 Boston
NECN Feature

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