Opie Otterstad in the Boston Herald   Art Imitates Sox Fans's Wonderful Life
By Sean L. McCarthy
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Opie otterstad may live in Austin, but if the hub keeps producing sports camions, he may think of Boston as his second home.

Otterstad returns to Boston tonight to celebrate his official 2004 world Series portrait, “Boston Champs” Newbury fine Arts and Major League Baseball offer a limited number of 41”x29” prints 204 at $1,295 apiece.

The painting features Red Players in their initial victory pile in St. Louis.

Defying the curse, Otterstad actually began work on the “boston Champs” before the Red Sox clinched with the Limelight Agency telling him to get started before Game 2. The agency and MLB wanted something ready to license, print and sell by the holidays, just in case.

“And then when they actually did win, I was well on my way to having a piece ready to go,” Otterstad said.

While “Boston Champs” is is the main focus of his Newbury Street Exhibit, Otterstad also will have about tow dozen other sports paintings on display, including several specific to the Red Sox and the 2004 Playoff run.

  Opie Otterstads Boston Red Sox Champs
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