Opie's Yankees World Series Celebration Print
Yankee Celebration 09'
30 x 40 Giclee on canvas / Edition of 209
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There are many great things a baseball team has to look forward to when they win the World Series. A parade, the Commissioners Trophy, a call from the President, a championship ring, and a painting capturing their historic triumph by baseball's own artist Opie Otterstad.

Opie's highly prized celebration paintings and limited edition prints have become a big part of baseballs World Series traditions. For the better part of the last decade every championship team's victory has been captured by baseball's celebrated artist in one of these MLB sanctioned works of art. And unlike the ring and trophy, this treasure is unique, as it is enjoyed by both the players of the historic team, as well as their devoted fans.

In the case of the New York Yankees, this victory captured by the brush of Otterstad was something very special. After waiting a decade, so many close call's, so long that the last time they won, these paintings were not even being created, they grabbed their 27th World Series. This win was very meaningful for the team and

their true fans. "27th" reminded us of the Yankee's most famous team, the 1927murderers row. But more importantly after a heartfelt good-by to the old stadium last year, they were able to christen their new home field with the good omen of a championship. And in that very second that they won, the Yankee's, New York and New Yorker's at heart around the world, exploded with the anticipation that had been boiling for all those years that led up to that unforgettable moment.

This is exactly what artist Opie Otterstad has captured in this definitive work of art. He somehow was able put on one canvas all the elements of both the moment and what collectively made the 2009 Yankees a historic team. Opie has included almost the entire team, ARod, Jeter and Rivera to name a few. No detail was missed, right down to the exact time of the win on the outfield clock. But most importantly, he's artfully crystalized the feelings of pure unbridled exuberance expressed by the whole team and shared by millions of fans, as they took to the field to celebrate the greatest victory that can be enjoyed in baseball.

It's no mystery why the players who have been lucky enough to receive one of these works have cherished them so much.

Danny (the hurler) Stern
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